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Our Facility

Play 18 holes of golf or sharpen your skills using our high end GC Hawk launch monitors 

by Foresight Sports. 


  The Golf Cavern  

Featuring 2 GC Hawk Launch Monitors Powered by Foresight Sports, Each Equipped with a Victus Console and 4K Eiki Projection, all in a modern and comfortable setting.


East Bay

Park Rapids Furniture Center's Restroom. Please see message on Door. 

West Bay

West Bay

Visual Club Data

  • Club head speed*

  • Smash factor*

  • Angle of attack*

  • Club path*

  • Loft at impact*

  • Lie & face angle at impact*

  • Impact location on club face*

FSX Club Data.webp

Ball Data

Fsx Ball data.webp
  • Launch Angle

  • Side Angle

  • Ball Speed

  • Total Spin

  • Carry

  • Side Spin

  • Spin Axis

Receive and analyze data points from your swing with every stick in the bag. 

Please contact us to request a tour.

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